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I SHOP VILA VERDE is an e-commerce platform designed to strengthen commercial ties between customer and shopper.

Created for the program “Comércio Investe” by the initiative of ACB (Braga’s Commercial Association), the I SHOP VILA VERDE is open to all local companies that wish to offer to their current and potential customers the possibility to make purchases wherever they are.

The customer decides when, where and how to buy products and services through a reliable and secure marketplace, with the credibility of ACB (Braga’s Commercial Association), that has been stimulating the economy of the region for 150 years.

At I SHOP VILA VERDE, viewers can see what the shops offer just through a visit online.

I SHOP VILA VERDE aims to become the electronic showcase of Vila Verde’s commercial activity in all its diversity and multiple offer. The project will be entirely fulfilled when all products or services available in stores of the village center can be purchased on the platform. For this reason, any request for membership will always be welcomed.

This process is simple and straightforward. The newcomers just have to send A.C.B. - Associação Comercial de Braga an e-mail to express their interest in participating in the I SHOP VILA VERDE. After that, a technician is available to clear up any doubts and instruct about the following process.

Participate in I SHOP VILA VERDE. Open your door to the world wide shop.