Vila Verde



Located in the heart of the verdant Minho, Vila Verde is a nice and friendly village, with a great natural beauty and a very rich heritage.

To discover Vila Verde is to find culture portrayed in the historical testimonies spread throughout the county.

It is an inspiring region where the hospitality of the local people and the aroma and taste of the traditional gastronomy typical from the Minho surprise every visitor and tourist.



Land of tradition and vibrant customs, Vila Verde receives many events throughout the year (cultural, gastronomic…), fairs, festivals and pilgrimages. Every month you will find amusing and surprising activities that combine tradition and modernity.

Vila Verde is also the home of the handmade Lenços dos Namorados (Valentine handkerchiefs) and the brand Namorar Portugal. Originally from the end of the 18th century and a true ex-libris of the county, the motifs of the Lenços dos Namorados and their love words are a historical and cultural legacy that you will want to learn and take home with you.

In Vila Verde nature is generous, with landscapes that masterfully reconcile the murmur of the water flowing from the waterways with the green of the vegetation and the agricultural scenarios.

Good food, good bed, diverse culture, natural wonders and architectural treasures await your arrival.

Accept our invitation. Come and discover Vila Verde!



Vila Verde county belongs to the district of Braga and is contiguous to the Peneda-Gerês National Park. It is located a few tens of kilometers from the beaches along the seafront between the urban centers of Oporto and Galicia.

Vila Verde has very good access both by motorway or by national roads, which makes it easy to get to the center of the village either if you travel from the north (through Ponte da Barca), west (through Barcelos and Ponte de Lima), east (through Terras de Bouro) or southeast (through Amares and Braga).